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Caribbean Love is a carnival band with a family character. We are a premium band on the road offering exclusive services, safety, and a fun atmosphere. Working to exceed expectations while building a playground for members to enjoy the Caribbean culture.

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Caribbean Love is more than a band, it’s family now! I met the crew during another event in Europe, the connection was instantly. I have started playing mas with them since 2018. Vibe is still the same: Love, Energy, Fun and Security. I can’t describe this feeling, you have to experience the road with Caribbean Love, trust me you will love it!

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I joined Caribbean love from the start and every year since. They’ve made me feel so welcome. In the run-up to the day of the parade the group met up often to work on the costumes, practice geography and have some laughs. Diversity and inclusion is of paramount importance and everyone is welcome at Caribbean Love. Joining Caribbean love felt like joining a family. The costumes look awesome, the organisation is professional and on the road they take great care of their people with the best crew of volunteers. Every year its a true party on the road! Best group to join for Rotterdam carnival!


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Costumes 2024

In summary, Caribbean Love is a popular carnival group in the Rotterdam Summer Carnival. They bring together participants from various Caribbean countries to celebrate their shared love for Caribbean culture. With their vibrant costumes, infectious music, and energetic dance performances, Caribbean Love is a must-see attraction during the carnival.

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